The WebRTC web conferences from Lindeas:
installation, support and integration.
We offer a hosted solution – TotalMeet.

If you need videoconferences, chances are that we can help.

  • INSTALLATION – we can help you test, show or prove a concept.
  • SUPPORT – we can deploy, admin and monitor your videoconference platform.
  • INTEGRATION – we can build a service around the videoconferences and link them with your existing web infrastructure.

TotalMeet – if you don’t want to have a custom solution tailored to your needs or you don’t want to spend the time and resources to take care of one, you can have it fully hosted by us.

The account at TotalMeet costs less than a custom installation and can’t give you all the options of it, but you can have videoconferences on this hosted platform. If your videoconferences requirements and usage are not very high, the TotalMeet account could be a good fit for you.