Lindeas has two main areas of expertise:
1) WebRTC videoconferences with Jitsi Meet
2) remote GNU/Linux administration

We can build and support your own webconferencing WebRTC platform. Check the products we work with to know more about Jitsi Meet and GNU/Linux.

We can build it on Linux servers and if you wish we can even host it for you. Check the description of the solutions we offer for development, installation, monitoring and support of Jitsi Meet and for general GNU/Linux remote system administration.

If you want to keep the scale down or just want to try out the platform, we can offer a fully hosted solution — TotalMeet.

And last but not least — we keep the fun in the stuff we keep ourselves busy with. We work in a playground style — in a clean, tidy and structured virtual place, but still a place to play with the new technologies. This way we always know what we can and can’t do and we never take the fun out of the work.