You get high-grade webconferencing platform at a lower price with our packages for install, integration and support. Or you can always download and install it yourself for free.

The whole software in the Jitsi Meet platform is free (libre, free as in speach) and also if you decide to do all the work on installing and maintaining it, it comes to you free as in beer, free of charge.

The free (or libre, opensource) software has a big advantage in the terms of price. You get the software free of charge, so this way you can save the money (or even part of it) you would pay for a commercial proprietary solution and use them to pay the Jitsi Meet professionals (like us) to do all the deployment and support work.

Jitsi Meet is licensed under Apache License 2.0, which is a free permissive license — it only requires preservation of the copyright and disclaimer notices. This means that you can download from the upstream (Jitsi) and use it as you find appropriate. You can also make modifications to the source code, but you have to comply with the requirements of the license if you decide to re-distribute these modifications (basically you have to keep a note identifying the original authors from Jitsi).